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SBC 19 – Press conference and official weigh-in results

SBC 19 – Press conference and official weigh-in results

Serbian Battle Championship 19

Press conference and official weigh-ins
completed at Arena Cineplex in city of Novi Sad!

Arena Cineplex cinema in Novi Sad today hosted “SBC 19- Revenge!” Official Weigh-ins and Press Conference, as an introduction for excellent event we will be watching on Saturday!
Media representatives and visitors within the cinema hall had a chance to enjoy official weigh-ins of all the fighters who will fight at historic SBC event in SPENS Great hall in Novi Sad , and had a chance to hear what the fighters expect from the big international sporting event that will take place tomorrow.

Weigh-In results:

1. Ognjen “Master” Salatić (70,2 kg) vs Osama El Zein (70,1 kg)
2. Alija Tucak (93 kg) vs Andjelko Kitić (93,3 kg)
3. Ugur Ozkaplan (111,2 kg) vs Edis Bešić (120 kg)
4. Dušan Salkanović (65,8 kg) vs Werlleson Ribeiro (63,9 kg)
5. Hatef Moeil (116,8 kg) vs Marko Petkovic (117 kg)

Co-Main Event
6. Damir “Dado” Mihajlović (80,1 kg) vs Jhonny “Lenhador” Carlos (79,2 kg)

7. Alex Leko Da Silva (70,3 kg) va Slavoljub “Mitke” Mitić (70,7 kg)
8. Michel “Demolidor” Pereira (83,7 kg) vs Duško Todorović (83,3 kg)
9. Nemanja “Sledgehammer” Kovač (69,9 kg) vs Jackson “Tortora” Loureiro (69,1 kg)
10. Luis Rafael “Japa” (65,8 kg) vs Cleverson “Carrilha” Silva (69,2 kg)

Main Event
11. Satoshi Ishii (111 kg) vs Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez (108,1 kg)

Novi Sad today can be considered the center of Europe when it comes to MMA. The city is full of true MMA superstars, and we are very proud that our fighters will find themselves face to face with them within the SBC hexagon and we really expect close fights that will make all the visitors enjoy the tournament. We will have a chance to see 11 world-class MMA fights, 4 of which will be SBC Title belt fights – Heavyweight, Middleweight, Lightweight and Featherweight.

The organizers prepared a true sporting event that could be presented at biggest world MMA stages, and we are sure, the historic event is taking place in Novi Sad tomorrow at 19:30! Don’t miss it!